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Esslack, the gold/silver spray paint?


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Esslack, the gold/silver spray paint?

buttermarblepopcorn | Jul 21, 2011 07:10 PM

Hi all,

Ever since I stumbled upon news of this neat little German product a few years ago, I've been curious to know if it's as good as advertised.

Esslack is apparently an aerosol can of spray paint that is supposed to be totally safe and edible -- but the really neat thing is that it comes in shiny gold, silver, and now iridescent red and blue. Their sample photos look gorgeous (if not necessarily appetizing), and what it makes me want to know is whether this is the real deal; that is, whether real-life usage actually produces the same exact kind of fabulous shine.

I tried Google images to no avail; all I ever got were the same sample photos from the company.

So, I thought I'd put the question out here on Chowhound to see if any of you have bought and tried this out, and if so, I'd like to hear how it looked and tasted.

For reference, here is a link:

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