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Espresso, Food Shopping & Simple Pleasures in Naples?


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Espresso, Food Shopping & Simple Pleasures in Naples?

imeanlove | Jan 7, 2010 02:41 PM

We are heading to Naples next weekend for a brief trip, and our primary intention is to eat and drink, chiefly pizza and espresso. I've read through a bunch of threads on Naples and have the pizza plan pretty well sorted out, but I have no sound leads on where to get a face-meltingly good espresso (espresso macchiato is my personal fave). I'm guessing that the best pasticcerie and sfogliatelle places (thanks, chowhound!) are a good bet for great espresso - any other recommendations? I imagine good stuff is easy to come by, but I'm aiming for transcendent....

I'm also hoping to pick the hive mind for other foodie info about Naples... We're vegetarians (no seafood either) and like simple, inexpensive pleasures and finding fabulous raw ingredients that we can bring home (to Germany) and cook with - also we're basically on a student budget, as I'm unemployed and my partner is a young academic. I know there have been a lot of posts on Naples, but they've tended toward pizza or pastry or restaurants that are either too meaty or probably too pricey for us. We're looking for for...

- good markets and food stores (is there anywhere analogous to Volpetti or Innocenza in Rome)?
- marzipan
- olive oil
- remarkable citrus
- apertivi we shouldn't miss
- great gelato (apart from Scimmi's, which is already on the list)
- basically anything else awesome & not pizza or sfogliatelle or a seafood restaurant (we're veg!) :)

Also, just as a shot in the dark... I'm also into aromatherapy and am intrigued by the use of locally produced orange flower water in pastries. Anyone know where I can get some of that (or, better still, locally produced essential oils or the like) in Napoli? I wonder if lemon flower water (from those amazing local lemons) ever makes its way into food...?

Thanks, everyone! I'll be sure to post a trip report when we get back. :)

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