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Escargots en Brioche


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Escargots en Brioche

Anna Banana | Mar 11, 2003 01:08 PM

I want to do Escargots en Brioche, and I cannot for the life of me find a recipe out there that answers my questions. I've even looked in my Larousse to no avail.

I was thinking I would do my ingredients in a simple butter, garlic, salt saute and then add them to a pre-made brioche. Frozen puff pastry sheets are ok too and would be my second choice.

What I need to know is 1) will the butter/liquid content of the filling saturate and therefore disintegrate the brioche? 2) Do I need to switch to a heavier sauce with a binder (or emulsified like a bearnaise perhaps?) to keep it from sopping the brioche? 3) Do I need to blind bake the hollowed-out brioche or can I heat what will be a moist filling right in the brioche? Or does both the brioche need to be blind baked and the ingredients need to be hot before combining?

Frustrating part is the good hits I am getting on google are for restaurant menus that feature what I'm looking for, but I cannot locate a single recipe. No one's telling me how to do it.

So, if anyone can be more successful than I at tracking down a recipe or can offer experienced advice I'd be most beholden!

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