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erythritol and leavening

Whidster | Nov 15, 200907:22 PM

I recently began using erythritol (ZSweet) because my husband was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I have had terrible luck with cakes that don't rise. They look more like brownies and they tend to be very dense like a heavy poundcake. I checked and sure enough, my baking powder and baking soda were quite old. I've replaced them, but hate to waste another cake if folks know for sure it's the ZSweet. So, can this be blamed on my old leaveners or the ZSweet.

I love it to sweeten my tea and coffee. I've even made him some homemade hot chocolate with 2/3 erythritol and 1/3 sugar with good results. I pulverize it so it is very powdery and should dissolve more readily. Any Ideas?

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