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Enviro Chef farce

Chowie | Sep 15, 2002 09:12 PM

I love the chef's who sign onto boycott's of certain seafood to "protect" the environment and species. The chef's couldn't tell you anything about the species or the scientific studies done on the stocks in question. To please the likes of Pew Charitable Trusts, World Wildlife and the Monterrey Aquarium, restaurants would only serve tilapia, catfish an inland closed system farmed fish. Of course this will become an issue for them once they finish attacking commercial fishermen and fish farmers because closed system aquaculture tend to use precious water resources, feed fish with genetically modified feed (ie corn, soy in the pellets) and also use fungicides and antibiotics.

Of course the ultimate hypocracy is a chef who signs onto a boycott and still utilizes caviar which is truly endangered. I guarantee that they aren't buying their caviar from the Iranians - the only responsible stewards of caspian sturgeon. If people truly understood that the Russian caviar - even State production - is processed in unsanitary conditions, and never properly refrigerated until it gets to the US they wouldn't touch it. Of couse a little boric acid keeps people from dying and adds flavor!!!

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