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One Entree out of Six Goes Back

LoN | Mar 3, 200805:27 PM

I have read through the thread regarding sending food back...but my question didn't appear to be answered. This scenario came up for us recently. Three couples gathered in a strange city for a reunion. The restaurant chosen was highly lauded on a CH board...it was my suggestion. ONE entree out of 6 was not cooked properly - in fact it was chicken, and it was very much undercooked. I know this is basic stuff for a restaurant of this calibre (or any restaurant for that matter), but let me continue. The waitress apologized profusely and graciously took it back and said she'd advise the manager, who quickly appeared to apologize further and indicate she had spoken with the chef.....all was handled in the most professional manner I felt. Here's the thing....this poor friend sat without food while the rest of us ate our delicious meals - in fact I believe all the other dishes were stellar. The chicken entree arrived just as most of the plates were ready for clearing, and as such had lost all it's appeal, so it was untouched. The restaurant removed the entree from the bill and provided a dessert at no charge ... Here's the question for those with restaurant experience....the one and only thing we thought "might" have been done to better the establishment's response was to ask the customer if another entree could be substituted - one that could be prepared more quickly....or....provide a dinner that is about to come off the line such that this person wasn't left eating alone after the rest of the table was finished. With none of us having restaurant "experience" we weren't sure if this is even feasible???

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