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Enric Rovira chocolates – any recommendations?


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Enric Rovira chocolates – any recommendations?

rworange | Mar 24, 2006 03:47 AM

A store in Berkeley,Ca started selling these chocolates from Barcelona.

So far I’ve had the cocoa dusted whole pink peppercorn (Bombolas de Pimienta Rosa) and the chocolate negro 70% cocoa mini hexagons.

There are some interesting combinations but a 2 oz box of these is $7.95. I’m hoping other people have sampled some and can give recs.

The pink peppercorn is one of the flavors of bombolas, chocolate coated, cocoa dusted nuts or coffee beans. Others are

Chocolate-covered pumpkin seeds
Chocolate-covered corn nuts "Bombolas de miaz"
Chocolate-covered candied orange peel “Bombolas de naranja"
Chocolate-covered Costa Rican coffee beans
Chocolate-covered Kenyan coffee beans
Chocolate-covered Hazelnuts
White Chocolates with Marcona Almonds
Dark Chocolates with Largueta Almonds
Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds
Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, produced by the Spanish company Forum

There is also a his “Trip Around the World in Chocolate” (La vuelta al mundo) five boxes of chocolates from five continents … macadamia nuts from Australia, puffed rice from Asia, sunflower seeds from the Americas, coffee beans from Africa, and almonds from Europe.

Rovira is son of a pastry chef, and has worked with Ferran Adria of El Bulli. He is inspired by Gaudi, art and architecture and his chocolates are a reflection of the cultural traditions of Barcelona.

The Rajoles are named and shaped like Barcelona's hexagonal sidewalk tiles and the tops are etched with Gaudí’s beautiful designs.

The chocolate negro mini hexagons are twelve little pieces wrapped in cellophane are in a cube-shaped box. Ingredients include:cocoa, sugar, vanilla, and lecithin

It is a velvety smooth chocolate and very fruity with strong tart raspberry and cherry flavor. Someone wrote that “one immediately thinks of summer.”

It reminded me in terms of the fruitiness of Blanxart, another Spanish chocolate maker.

It also has a bitter bite and is very acidic with an strong chocolate flavor. Those flavors dominate if it is left to melt in your mouth. The fruit flavor comes from chewing it. The aroma is tobacco-y and that comes out in the flavor if it isn’t chewed.

What can I say ... I have to get my $7.95 worth of entertainment out of this.

Even though I don’t like it as an ingredient, I think the lecithin smoothes the chocolate. When you bite it there is a snap but it is not as hard as other 70% chocolates.

In order to mass-market the chocolate, Rovira adds the GM-free soya lecithin to avoid damp and acidity. He says, “The real secret to a three-month shelf-life for filled chocolates is in balancing the ingredients - the alcohols and acids, for example."

I like the tiny peppercorns, but I wasn’t wild about the cocoa covering. It was a free sample, so I didn't have to spring the $7.95 for a taste.

So, anyone tried any of these chocolates and have recommendations?

Here’s a little more background about Rovira.


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