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Enomatic-like storage systems

jonasblank | Jun 9, 200811:30 AM

I notice that there are several different types of advanced storage systems available at Wineenthusiast.com (for instance) that seem to do basically what the Enomatic machine does - that is, add inert gas, temp control and provide a serving tap as well. It seems the usual claim is that these will keep a wine for about 10 days.

I started thinking about purchasing some kind of a system like this since I often am discouraged from opening things because I really only want to unwind with a glass or two and am not likely to finish a bottle on my own.

Some of the ones I saw online were the Eurocave (doesn't have a tap, as far as I can tell), Winesaver and Winekeeper. One very simple system for $99.95 seemed to be a gas canister rigged up to a tap/stopper on the top of the bottle.

Do these systems work, and does anyone on here use them? As far as I can tell, the Enomatic works as advertised, but having a home Enomatic system is probably a bit extreme for me at this point. If I could keep a few bottles open at once for a week or so at a time, that would probably enhance my enjoyment of the wines I have a good bit.

On a related and more low-tech note, I see people at wineries using the argon spray and then jamming the cork in manually. I know that sort of thing has been discussed elsewhere, but I would be curious to know if that is any more effective on the preservation end of things as these machines.

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