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English Tea Room in the '60's


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English Tea Room in the '60's

derek | Jul 5, 2002 07:38 PM

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for sharing Galley Girl with us here in San Francisco, she was great fun and a wonderful addition to our Chow scene! (I know you'll enjoy Limster, he is our gift to you..."The Athens of America") As I was reminiscing about Boston, school days etc, food became my entrance...for example... my friends at school always sent me out to the North End on "Canolli Runs". Both Kens and Jack and Marions were still around. Quincy Market had yet to be restored and Durgin Park introduced me to rich perfumed Indian Pudding (I want some NOW!)...and Fried clam bellies!!! Chowder on Fridays...lobster rolls!!! I'd better stop, I'm drowning in saliva! To my question for old timers...on Newbury Street in the late '60's was a place called the English Tea Room, what I remember was a sweetish salad dressing...has this recipe ever been reproduced and printed, perhaps in one of the newspapers, or is it lost to history? How about their rolls?

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