English Muffins - Recipe, Technique and Preferred Supplies

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For those wanting to make English muffins, I have found that the easy-to-find stainless steel rings stick to my muffins, even after trying 3 different mediums for greasing them. I tried nonstick spray, rubbing with grapeseed oil and rubbing with Crisco on the same rings, no banana. I was sorry I double batched them, did not expect to have such problems. I am sure the crows and rodents on my front lawn were happy as I donated the whole delicious mess to them. :-) I also am not crazy about the dimensions of rings I ran across either, I feel 3" diameter and/or under 1" height is just too small. I returned them and got Silverwood muffin rings, which are clear anodized aluminum and made in the UK. They do have a weld, I was hoping they were seamless at first but that turned out to not be the case. The size is 3.5" x 1.25" high and they work beautifully, not hard to get the muffins out and easy to clean. I really think they should be at LEAST 1" high, prefer 1.25" really, I feel the height helps the muffin "climb" and results in better nooks and crannies.

Lloyd Pans have aluminum rings also, but they are bare aluminum and I wanted to have them anodized as I feel it helps with sticking. Lloyd pans would anodize any rings I wanted, but it is pricy in addition to the rings and there is a minimum order quantity to do so. Maybe a group of people wanting them can split an order????

There is a vendor selling the Silverwood rings on eBay, and the postage is about the same cost of the rings but the seller refunded me $15 in shipping after I paid, said they were doing a shipping adjustment. That made me happy.

But then the box arrived crushed with most rings damaged (even broken welds!) - but I did get four that were in usable condition, so I used those today. They are a nice thickness, somebody really did a number on the box to cause such damage.

The recipe I used can be found in "Vegan Diner" cookbook. It is a variant of Alton Brown's recipe. We are not vegan but try to eat as many vegan meals as possible to consume more plant foods than animal foods. We got pretty darn fat from my love of cooking!!!! :-)

I used a Silverwood anodized griddle which I absolutely LOVE. It is a aluminum disk that is bronze anodized but has a stainless steel handle that does not get too hot. It got rave reviews in the UK as used for crumpets and I have to say, I am impressed. It browns beautifully, seems to spread heat wonderfully and is lightweight and easy to store, handle lays flat if you want. It is just sticky enough to brown well but I can get a spatula under my muffins without breaking them. I tried to buy the griddle from a UK vendor that ships to the USA, but the vendor called and let me know that they found out that Silverwood has discontinued the griddle and they did not have one in stock to . I am contacting Lloyd pans about making one themselves, I just like it so much I feel everyone should have access, it really works well. I was able to find one on eBay with global shipping, it had a few scratches but I cannot not see them after using a couple of times, so I guess it got seasoned a bit.

Regarding temp, the recipe recommend medium-low, but I was using an aluminum disk on a power burner, so a little above low (rather then between medium and low) worked better for me. The directions said about 10 min first side, flip and about 5 other side. Use a fork to "prong" a circle around the muffin when cool, and it pulls apart perfectly.

If any seasoned English muffin maker has any input or experience to share with us all, please comment, thanks!!!

Silverwood (UK brand) Anodized Aluminum Griddle & Muffin Rings

I had too much batter in the rings this time.........

English Muffin

Example of muffin insides

English Muffins

Right front: Too much batter, too hot griddle
Right rear: a tad too much batter, pretty good heat level
Left front: a tad too much batter, pretty good heat level
Left rear: Perfect!!!

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