English Ivy is invasive?


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English Ivy is invasive?

Bottomless_Pit | Aug 14, 2010 11:28 PM

I think I have English ivy growing on my house and a good portion of the yard. I've always figured ivy was cool and looked nice growing along the walls of the house. I'm starting to wonder if my ivy is invasive and if there is a better alternative. I live in Pa.

The good points of ivy are as follows, first no mowing, second ivy dominants "weeds", third ivy looks nice.

The bad points are as follows, first ivy is hard to contain, the ivy keeps growing on top of my containers near the house and I have to cut back the ivy to avoid tripping on the walkway. The whole entire crowding out weeds is scary. An established flower, like lilies of the valley can hold back weeds, but rarely make any forward progress against the weeds even if I help out the lilies.

Any plant that can crowd out weeds fairly easily is most likely invasive in my book. Btw, I was thinking of killing off my grass with my ivy and some periwinkle at the edge of my property. I don't want to spend the time/energy mowing. My questions are as follows?

1. Do I have English Ivy?
2. Is there a better alternative to English Ivy?
3. If my ivy is invasive should I attempt to remove the ivy?
4. Should I rethink killing off most of my grass with ivy or periwinkle?

I can post a video of my ivy later.

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