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"English" Food [Split from U.K. thread]

Harters | Jan 22, 200806:24 AM

I'll try not to turn this into another "comparing" thread - I don't like London either - or New York - and am glad I don't live in either city.

However, it may be helpful to folk trying to respond to your OP, if you were able to expand on what you mean by "English food". The problem is that there isnt really a simple definition (very like asking what's "American food") - for some, it could be the classic dishes of the 19th century (like , say, a Sussex Pond Pudding), for others it might be the awful stuff of my childhood in the 1950s (the food that gave my country the reputation for lousy food which is still trotted out by some foreigners) or it could be some of the more recent additions to our diet (added since we travelled abroad more and/or included tastes from the diversity of our immigrant communities).

I'd hate to think that, by accident, someone steered you off to some "tourist England" place when what you really wanted to eat was potted shrimps, braised pheasant with celery and some aged farmhouse Lancashire cheese (which is what we had at home on Saturday).


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