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Endangered and Extinct: Jello Molds


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Endangered and Extinct: Jello Molds

Jason Perlow | Sep 12, 2000 01:39 PM

Okay, even in their heydey youd never see Jello Molds in any restaurant, but you'd be hard pressed to see them at almost any family gathering these days, especially the savory variety like tomato aspic and such.

Rachel bought this really cool book at the supermarket called "The Joy of Jello Molds" and made this really cool layered dessert with like 6 flavors of jello in it last thanksgiving, it looked like a stacked pack of lifesavers when it came out. They also have one where you take a whole bunch of colors, set them in their own individual pans, and then you cut them into cubes and mix em all up in a casserole and set them in Cool Whip mixed with jello mix. When you slice into it it after it solidifies, you see all the different colors like gems floating in this mass of jello coolwhippy stuff.

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