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Empanadas in Lindenhurst, NY


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Empanadas in Lindenhurst, NY

Paul Trapani | Jan 17, 2003 12:16 AM

What else would you expect at a place called Pita & Pizza?

I walked in based on the sign promising real gyros. Inside I was dissappointed by the giant posters of name brand gyro porn. Looking over the collection of pizza, calzones, spinach pies and other specialities in the glass counter/display case, everything looked inauthentic. In fact, it seems deliberate effort was made to make it all look like it came from Sbarro's (the effort was disturbingly successful).

Past the point where I could exit gracefully by asking for a menu, I scanned the display case for somthing not too awful. My eyes locked on two trays of empanadas on the middle shelf. There was nothing remotely like them in the display case or on the menu (Se Habla Espanol displayed in the top right corner of the menu was a clue I missed on my first reading). The empanadas were blatantly handmade and sat there in proud defiance of the other food, the ambiance, and the neighborhood. They're coyly listed on the menu as Beef/Chicken Patty(Empanadas). I ordered one of each. I cringed I saw them being taken to the microwave, but relaxed when they were given an quick nuke and then finished in the oven. Both had meat, onions, a black olive, and a piece of egg. I'll have to taste them separately to determine which is my favorite, but chicken had a strong showing. Through some discrete questioning, I found out that the owner is from Argentina.

Another glimmer of hope came from the sauce that came with the distinctly non-Italian rice ball I ordered (disappointingly heated using only the microwave and disappointingly luke warm,). Unfortunately, that sauce wasn't the one used on the pizza. I ordered a slice, so that the loyal Chowhound readers won't have to. In fact, if you go, don't order pizza or you'll think this place is awful.

I went to the Lindenhurst branch, there are two others (same menu for all with empanadas listed). They also deliver.

Pita & Pizza
190 W. Sunrise Highway
(Corner of Straight Path)
Lindenhurst, NY
Tel: 631-225-5225.
Fax: 631-225-5917

(apparently the original location)
Pita & Pizza
345 Washington Ave.
(1/4 Mile South of L.I.E.)
Tel: 631-231-2739
Fax: 631-231-7062

Pita & Pizza
1635 Islip Ave
(Across from the LIPA Building)
Tel: 631-851-9292
Fax: 631-851-8844

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