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Emeril Live and Green

HarryK | Jul 7, 2008 10:18 AM

1. Today is the day Emeril (Not) Live joins Fine Living with new shows (not live and filmed in 2007 but new to the air.)

2. It's supposedly big not only because it's the first network Emeril Live is on other than FN, but ... so it seemed, it was no longer on FN.

3. It turns out its going ot continue to be on FN at 2pm every single day instead of 7pm. Ok, then what's the hub bub, as in ... didn't everyone think or believe Emeril Live was totally leaving FN? I sure did.

and, finally

4. Emeril Green was supposed to begin on the Green channel (Discover Green) last month. It's still not here. In fact, he's disappeared from being on the Discovery Channel and the Planet Green websites altogether. Yet, no word anywhere on the status of the show. Has anyone heard anything about this? It's all of a sudden become vaporware.

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