Emergency cholent HELP!!!


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Emergency cholent HELP!!!

SoCal Mother | Nov 26, 2010 07:41 AM

Hi Chowhounds!

This is a weird request, but I hope someone can help.

My kids volunteered our house for NCSY (synagogue youth) after dinner tonight and they have a tradition of serving cholent at their "onegs." I just got a call from their advisor reminding me that Friday night cholent needs to be started on Thursday to be ready 16 hrs earlier than normal. (Would have helped if he had called me last night.) I completely forgot about that - last time we started it on Thursday just before we went to sleep.

Is there any way I can make a cholent or something that I can pass off as a cholent that will be ready tonight? I am on the west coast so I have about 8 hrs before Shabbat starts.

There are too many kids to buy the MealMart boxed cholent. I can use canned beans but what else can I do to cut the time down?

Should I just give up and make more cake?

These are teenagers who will already have eaten a normal Shabbat dinner, but I have never met a teenage boy who wasn't hungry.

I do not own a pressure cooker but I do have a microwave.

Even if it's not too great they will eat it anyway.

Maybe I could cook some flanken with a couple cans of refried beans?? I've always thought that refried beans taste like leftover cholent.....


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