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The Elements of Chowhound Style???


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The Elements of Chowhound Style???

mc michael | May 13, 2002 12:30 PM

I envy and enjoy the posts of those who can really detail what's good or not about a particular dish/meal/place. One failing in a lot of my posts is that on rereading them they seem to boil down to I enjoyed this dish at this place. Or, it's good because I say it is (probably doesn't matter on the umpteenth burger discussion, but for a dinner at a 3 star or an explication of the deliciousness of an arepa, why not get it right?). Without getting too anal about it, has the Big Dog or someone come up with a format or checklist of areas to cover in assessing a restaurant? Historically, I think this would make for meatier posts, more worthwhile searches, just more info, and ultimately better meals for us. My thought is not to discourage the creativity and anarchy of some posters (why do Chino Wayne and PRSM Dave come to mind?) but to make a good thing better. If this "manual" (Chowhound for Dummies) has already been published, please point me to it. Otherwise, what say you Big Dog, Melanie, Pat, Limster, Tom Armitage, et al.?

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