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El Farolito report (Argentine in Astoria) (Long)


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El Farolito report (Argentine in Astoria) (Long)

Jayask | Mar 30, 2003 07:53 PM

We went to El Farolito (Steinway Street in Astoria)today in a group of 8 for lunch. I had been there before a couple of times but thought it was time for a full report.

The service was very slow and forgetful. Examples: We were brought the wrong empanadas, and the waiter walked off before taking every1's orders. Also..teh kitchen needs to work out having everyones orders come up at the same time so that everything is hot and no1 has to wait a long peiod of time. They brought every1's food but one person...and we had to either wait for his food (while our food got cold) or eat without him. My parillada could have been served a bit hotter.

It is a tad more expensive than some of the other Queens Argie places...but isn't that bad.

They need to print a takeout menu. I would then have had the exact address. :)

They have a full munu including meats, pastas, and even more fish than i would expect at an argie place.

The owner treated us very well because he was happy to have a large group at a slow time. He explained that his credit card machine wasn't working and brought us two plates full of various desserts...and coffee/tea for free. He asked us for the favor of paying with cash. That works for me. He also gave us some good neighborhood info.

The food:
Their chimichurri is excellent and fresh made.

The parillada was good, and included entrana (skirt steak), tira de asado (flanken), molleja (sweetbreads), chorizo (sausage), morcilla (blood sausage), and grilled chicken. It could have been served a bit hotter. They didn't mess up the sweet breads (they were think and almost crispy) or overcook the blood sausage like a lot of places do. The waiter was willing to substitute mojella for chinchulines, which works for me. I liked their (beef) empanadas...although what they are billing as baked....seems fried. The grilled chicken breast (as a seperate order) was excellent, and better than the grilled chicken w/the parallada.

The shrimp in the shrimp/avacado salad was fresh. It is a simple thing, shimp, avacodo, and salsa golf (russian dressing).

The sangria was good, although I've had better, and it only had apples.

Desserts: The flan was good. I liked the tiramisu...but thats something i generally don't like so don't go by me. They also gave us candied figs, dulce de leche (for the flan or figs), dulce de membrillo, dulce de batata, and cheese (for the dulce do batata and membrillo).

Go with plenty of time since the service is slow. The food is good, so I'm definitely recommending this place...especially now that so many Argie places have went downhill.
We were originally supposed to go to Tango Mambo in Fh for the first time but they didnt answer their phone when we called they may not be open for lunch sunday. Either that or they just don't answer their phones. :)

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