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El Coyote YuckYuckYuck!

C. Sprouse | Jun 5, 200204:59 AM     11

I finally went to this place tonight which is supposed to be an LA classic. I think I went with a pretty open mind... expecting decent americanized mex... but I was just amazed at how bad and yet how crowded this place is.

That is, we came around 7:00 (Tues. night) and had a 30 min wait to get in, despite there being seemingly hundreds of tables inside. It has some tacky decorations, but overall is grungy and DARK. Also, there is an overpowering, almost nauseating smell to the place.

I pick up the menu and can hardly see the letters at all, before the waiter (literally, after 20 seconds) is
pushing us for what we want. We say we need more time, and he comes back once about every minute until finally i give up and get the cheese enchilada and chili relleno combo. After that, he is pretty much completely incognito until long after we want the check. Not even around to fill our water glasses, which
hold 6-ounces at best. Surely an incentive to get the overpriced drinks.

And about the food. About on the level of the bad 24-hour drive-in dives around here, with smaller portions and higher prices. Oh, and the chips and salsa (which you have to pay .75 cents for...). The salsa was WARM and gross! In fact I would rate both the food and overall experience of this place way below Acapulco's, which I thought was the bottom of local 'mexican'.

I could excuse this place for being bad... but how on earth can it be so PACKED??? What's up with all these people?? There's no way that the Margaritas can be worth it.

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