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The first eggs of spring

rworange | Mar 21, 200805:19 PM

To tell you the truth, one egg tastes like another to me. Some have different colored shells.Some have brighter yolks.

However, there doesn't seem to be much difference in taste from the bargain dozen I buy for 99 cents to the $8 dozen from the fancy farmers market.

Yeah, I like some eggs better than others but I can't say why ... some sort of egg umami-type of thing going on that I can't eggs-actly say why that is.

That being said, the reason I buy the pricier eggs more often is because they are fresher and one of those tv news reports years ago scared me about how long some supermarkets keep eggs, sometimes switching cartons with newer sell by dates.

Also I like the idea of a happy hen. I like it when animals are treated decently.

I was shocked this week to read an article from my local farmers market email about eggs that blew apart my understanding of egg carton terms (scroll down and ignore the local stuff)

The only label that assures the chickies are running around free in the sushine is "pastured"

Hmmm ... I saw that on a recent pricy dozen of eggs I bought and read it as pasturized ... which struck me odd about organic eggs ... looked back at the carton... pastured ... not pasturized ... duh.

Here's what some of those terms mean ...

Cage-free: Some are kept indoors and never see the sun ... they are just not in cages

Free-range (free-roaming): They can go outside ... but it might not be for very long

Hormone-free: A meaningless term it seems because hormone use was banned in the 1960s.

Organic: This one I'm going to quote from the newsletter and not paraphrase ... "Hens are given only certified organic vegetarian feed without pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers or antibiotics. Hens have access to the outdoors. Organic chicken operations must be certified by designated agencies"
Pastured: Some sort of movable outdoor enclosur eis used in the pasture. Hens have access to a coop. So the chicks can eat natural stuff like different grasses and bugs which may make the eggs themseles healthier. See link for details ... less cholesterol ... more vitamins, etc.

Interesting info about the health benefits of eggs ... so enjoy those Easter eggs this week ... they are good for you ... especially the pastured eggs.

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