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"Two eggs cooked any style"


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"Two eggs cooked any style"

ipsedixit | Aug 8, 2010 01:21 PM

You see that alot on breakfast menus.

It's become so ubiquitous that it sort of rolls off the tongue like "peanut butter and jelly"

But what is reasonable to expect, as a diner, when you see the words "two eggs cooked any style"?

Scrambled, fried, over easy and the like are par for the course, no-brainers.

But what about poached? When you order eggs at a restaurant is it reasonable for the kitchen to prepare your eggs soft-poached, esp. if the place does not offer an eggs Benedict type choice?

And what about basted eggs? Menu says "any style" and sure enough, last I checked, basting is one style of egg prep.

Or how about soft-boiled? Runny center, soft jiggly whites? Menu says "any style" right?

Curious as to the thoughts of the enlightened and hungry ...

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