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DavidH | May 3, 2002 06:35 PM

Once a year we go to Chinatown and it is so seldom that when we do I feel like we are making a pilgrimage to Mecca or to the holy land or something. If there were not so many highlights competing for the "highlight of the year" award then this one would win hands down.

This brings to mind a couple of thoughts:

The last time we went we ate at a restaurant that did not serve wine. But they did bring us a drink served in a large double beveled glass that had a small umbrella on the top (I can hear the groans already) with a fancy
stick on the side holding pineapple and other fruits. Hold on.. this was not a bad drink. We ordered a number of these. I can't remember the food but I do remember the drink. It was light green in color; had rum and
coconut and I would guess about 67 other liquor ingredients. Does anybody want to take a guess as to what this was or better yet does anybody have a manual or a set of blueprints on how to construct this concoction. I have already bought some small umbrellas and fancy sticks at a party store so I am ready to go. Also it was not a pina colada as I do make a very nice pina colada already.

Also the last time I was there I noticed all the ducks hanging in the windows of the stores. I have a mindset already to buy one of these but what would I be buying? I love crispy duck and although I have not made it yet, I think I would like peking duck. I have a recipe for a simplified peking duck on my hard drive. Should I assume that the ducks in the window are neither.. simply cooked and nothing more.

Moving on to eggroll.. I have the wrapping, filling and frying down to a T. I just need the filling now. I have tried shrimp(pureed); crabmeat; avocado(mashed); and also banana (mashed). Does anybody have any eggroll
filings they would die for. I noticed that the Magnolia Grill has a collard greens, chicken and red pepper sauce eggroll that they feature on their menu. Also I can make a good hot mustard sauce (must have this with
eggroll) and a so so sweet and sour sauce (looking for a better one) and a so so apricot sauce (also looking for a better one). I must be the only person in the US that doesn't care for soy sauce. I have tried the less
salt version, the tamried version, etc but whenever I see this in a recipe I immediately reduce it down to one tbl and substitute oyster sauce and/or sherry to balance it out.

I also tried making an egg foo young recipe which was a complete and total disaster. I know most of you are way beyond this but my thinking is if I cannot make this dish then how can I progress to a duck recipe.

I also make a very good fried rice dish. Very tasty. I only have miles and miles to go so any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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