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eel in tofu - urban legend?

Kim Binsted | Dec 27, 2005 03:48 PM

When I lived in Tokyo, a friend told me he had recently eaten eel (or loach) in tofu, with an interesting preparation. The live eels are put in hot water, until they are very uncomfortable, then a block of cool soft tofu is lowered into the water. The eels swim into the tofu to cool off, and the block is immediately lifted out of the water, chopped up, and served.

Here's the problem. Another friend, who is very familiar with Japanese cuisine, insists that friend one is a lying liar, and that this dish is an urban legend. Friend one is no longer reachable for comment.

The dish is mentioned in several places on the web. Some say it's an urban legend, and some report it as fact, but without enough detail to convince me that the author actually tasted it. For example, it is mentioned in article linked below.

Can any of you confirm or deny? Have you had this dish? If so, at what restaurant?

Thanks for any information - there's a fine meal bet on this!


Link: http://www.slate.com/id/2089630/entry...

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