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Edwards, Colo. (& Environs) Trip Report


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Edwards, Colo. (& Environs) Trip Report

alanstotle | Feb 3, 2008 08:19 PM

Yes, I’m a little slow, but here our report from a week spent in Edwards, Colorado over the Christmas holiday. We stayed with my family so most of our food was at home, but we managed to get out for a few meals here & there.

Lunch at Larkburger (in Edwards). Boy, that tasted good. I had a Larkburger (the basic burger); my wife had a grilled cheese (a hamburger without the meat, similar to the way In-&-Out Burger does grilled cheese). I ordered my burger the recommended medium-rare—I rarely do this because to me hamburger meat doesn’t taste good medium-rare the same way steak does. Nonetheless, the burger was delicious. It struck me as a bit saltier than I would normally like, but in this case I think it worked well & gave the burger a wonderful flavor. I would definitely order one of these again.

My wife liked the grilled cheese: fresh bun & a delicious blend of cheeses. We also tried the French fries as well as the truffle & parmesan fries. We made our order to go so they were a little cool by the time we finally got around to eating them, but they were tasty, thin-cut fries, cooked well. And truffle & parmesan cheese is a wonderful addition, too. Unfortunately, the folks at Larkburger messed up our order a bit (not enough orders of the right kind of fries) but in their defense we had a large order (lunch for six people) & my brother & SIL (who eat at Larkburger frequently) said that they’ve never seen any service issues—so hopefully our experience was an exception.

Edwards Village Center (southwest corner of Edwards Village Blvd. & Highway 6 in Edwards)

The highlight of our eating-out was dinner at Dish (in Edwards). We opted for the chef’s tasting menu: seven courses for $40/person. We started with two glasses of wine recommended by the server. She returned with one of the wines we asked for but changed the other glass to another wine (a Sineann red table wine, blend of Granache, Petit Syrah, & a third grape I can’t recall at the moment). Normally that kind of unrequested change might raise red flags in my mind, but in this case the wine she brought us instead was delicious, & the whole experience is a good reminder that I should learn to trust some restaurant servers.

We told our server that my wife doesn’t eat beef, pork, or lamb, so our dinner was comprised of almost exclusively seafood. Amuse bouche was a tasty “original” (shaved Serrano ham & manchego cheese dipped in Spanish sherry). The was followed by a rich roasted winter squash bisque. Third was a Nicoise salad; good salad, a bit deconstructed (but each ingredient was not completely separated) & an interesting albacore “bacon” (tuna cured like bacon, firm but not chewy like a lot of cured or dried fish). Fourth dish was diver sea scallop served on mustard creamed potatoes. This was my favorite dish of the evening: the scallops were cooked perfectly, just enough grill flavor, firm flesh, & seasoned with large grains of smoked salt. Fifth was the black cod, served Asian style (a very, very, very light tempura crust, sweet soy drizzle, on a bed of green bamboo rice). Although I thought the soy drizzle was a bit too sweet for the fish, this was my wife’s favorite dish of the evening, & my second favorite. The tempura crust was fantastic: just a little of bit of texture but really in the background of the fish rather than dominating it. Last entrée was a whole barramundi stuffed with lemons & herbs. Very light tasting fish, enhanced by the aromatics stuffed within. Dessert was a chocolate & cinnamon panna cotta spiked with ground chili. A wonderful ending.

We were very impressed with the wonderful taste & texture of the seafood we found at this restaurant 1,000 miles from any ocean. We want to return soon to (hopefully) taste again some of the dishes we had (especially the original, the scallops, & the cod), try some of the other dishes we didn’t have (I’d especially like to try some of the red meat), have a couple more desserts, & take in the friendly atmosphere.

56 Edwards Village Blvd.
Corner at Edwards (southeast corner of Edwards Village Blvd. & Highway 6 in Edwards)

Stopped in for a couple glasses of wine at Vin 48 (in Avon) a few days after they opened their doors. We had about six different red wines & a dessert (a warm chocolate cake). They offer small amounts of wines & flights for tasting. The food coming out of the kitchen looked good though we didn’t have any. I realize we were only having wine, but I felt the service was a bit inattentive. Could have been working out the opening kinks. Overall feel: trendy, fast-moving décor & vibe.

Vin 48
48 E. Beaver Creek Blvd. (in Avon)

Ordered a take-out Pazzo’s pizza & Greek salad. Both good. I’ve eaten here before (though it was a number of years ago); seems to be consistently worthwhile.

Pazzo’s Pizza
82 E. Beaver Creek Blvd. (in Avon)

Took home a box of some kind of cream cheese danish from Columbine Bakery (in Avon). They were more like turnovers with a cream/cream cheese filling. Very tasty—especially with a cup of coffee.

Columbine Bakery
51 Beaver Creek Place (in Avon)

Day trip to Leadville. Beautiful drive (a cold & clear day in-between snow storms). After a less-than-memorable lunch at the Golden Burro, a.k.a. the Brass Ass (food was okay but the service had some real problems that day when a large group of tourists came in & sucked-up our waitress’s time), & after a brisk & refreshing walk around downtown, we ended up at Provin’ Grounds coffee house. From the outside this place looked like virtually nothing at all: beat-up door in a nondescript building. Inside, however, the place opened up into a warm & inviting place with coffee, a few bakery items, & soups. On a scale from poor-to-excellent: coffee was good, cookies were good, & two other pastries were okay (one was a lemon bar, the other a raspberry bar—iirc—both had decent filling but the crust underneath was way too thick & too dry). I’d like to return & try the soups.

Provin’ Grounds Coffee & Bakery
508 Harrison Ave. #3 (in Leadville)

Two places we didn’t go. We had learned before our trip that D. J. MaCadams (in Vail) had closed a little while back. This was one of my favorite stops for breakfast. The rumor I heard awhile ago was that the owner was going to try to reopen in Eagle or Gypsum. We’ll check back on our next trip out.

Also, really wanted to try the Mexican food at a little taco truck (well, taco trailer, actually) along Highway 6 about a mile west of Edwards Village Blvd. My brother, who lives in the area, has heard that the food here is good, & it looked a lot like the yummy taco trucks my wife & I frequent in California’s Central Valley. Unfortunately, every day we drove past, hoping for a hot, fresh-grilled taco, the trailer was closed (probably because of the holidays). It’s a red trailer with the name Tacos la Posadita, parked on the south side of Hwy 6, at a trailer park with street names like Aspen & Magpie. If anyone’s eaten here we’d love to hear your impressions.

Once again, we’re looking forward to our next trip out for the beautiful mountains & the yummy food.

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