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Edmonton's Best Hidden Gems

Navan | Nov 7, 200907:05 PM

Okay- I grew up in Ottawa and went to University in Toronto, and in both cities I knew people who knew where to find the best hidden food in the city. You know- places locals know about and adore, but that most people wouldn't be paid to walk into.

I just moved to Edmonton, and no, I don't know anyone. So I'm wondering...where are they? I went to a fabulous Greek place with my friend called Koutouki and I was blown away- exactly what I was looking for. Greek category ticked off. Here are the ones that remain:

Chinese Takeout. We're talking typical Canadianzed Chinese takeout here. Must have good egg roles...cause let's face it, if you can't do an egg role you probably can't do the rest.

Italian. I litterally was known by name at my favourite Italian place in Toronto- I practically lived there. Infact, I was on such good terms with them I often ate in the kitchen and when I moved they gave me the recipes for my favourite dishes. So I CAN make my own Italian food, but you know there are just days you want to go out.

Shawarma. Anyone from Ottawa knows how much Shawarma is a staple there, and I just CRAVE it sometimes.

English fish and chips. Good old beer batter, homemade chips and tartar sauce.

Breakfast. I generally go with my friends once a week for Breakfast at Dennys and quite frankly the undercooked eggs and over salted toast. I just want good eggs and hasbrowns!

Poutine. I'm not entirely sure why in Edmonton, with all it's ex-Quebecers, of all places, I cannot find a decent poutine. Cheese curds, good home made fries, and beef or pork gravy. How hard is that?!

Those are basically the staples I'm missing. Any recommendations? I hate re-establishing myself in a new city but hopefully this is the last time!

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