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New edition of Plotkin


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New edition of Plotkin

alixschwartz | Mar 30, 2007 08:57 AM

Hey, has anyone read the new (2006) edition of Fred Plotkin's classic Italy for the Gourmet Traveller? He had mentioned (in Gourmet magazine, I think) that he had updated it, and I tried to find it on various bookstore sites before realizing it's available in the UK but apparently not the US yet. So I got it from, and started to read it last night. The introductory chapters don't seem to have been revised much: there were just two changes I could detect, i.e. two references to the Euro, plus a bit on the new non-smoking laws. But throughout much of the intro he keeps quoting prices (tip amounts, etc.) in lire. This made me nervous about how scrupulously he updated the book. The first time I used the earlier edition on a vacation to Italy in the late 90's I already found that some of the places he had cited no longer existed.

Don't get me wrong--I admire the hell out of Plotkin and trust his recommendations. I just don't want to go to a town expressly to visit a certain restaurant and find out it's closed. Sure, I know it's best to call ahead, but I don't really want to be making all these calls to Italy from home (my Italian is not all that great on the phone--I rely on gestures and expressions to fill in the gaps). If anyone who has used the new edition in Italy this year or last could let me know how it went, I'd be grateful.

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