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Editing a post, maybe something to do with brackets or http ref - anomalous phenomena

Paulustrious | Mar 11, 201001:09 PM

I noticed when editing a previous message that when I saved it the text was saved not as typed in. This is the post that it happened on. The only way I can verify the behaviour is to try it again.

It happened when I entered an http link followed by a space followed by an expression in parentheses.

I will try it again here...

http://www.brunosfinefoods.com/locati... (The 'chain')

The above address plus the bracketed expression I have entered on one line. I will now save and edit it.

Edit 1: The behaviour was repeated. Now I will omit the braces:

http://www.brunosfinefoods.com/locati... The 'chain'

Edit 2: The last character - the apostrophe - was left in place. Now I will finish with just parentheses:

http://www.brunosfinefoods.com/locati... ()

Edit 3: Now I'll try (x) at the end:

http://www.brunosfinefoods.com/locati... (x)

Edit 4: I'll try ('x')

http://www.brunosfinefoods.com/locati... ('x')

Edit 5: Over to you.

Windows Vista ultimate, Chrome, cookies enabled,

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