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First edit runs everything together

rworange | Sep 13, 201109:21 AM

All the spacing for formatting is gone. You actually have to break it up agin. This started a few days ago. I thought it was some sort of fluke but it happened again.

This is what it should look like

Here's what happened the first time I edited

There are things better left to the imagination. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge was one of them. It sounds glorious ... fantastic views and all. The reality is the noice from the traffic can be deafening. The gas fumes are sickening. It is freezing with the winds whipping through that ... gate. And so it was with making cupcakes with the under 7 set. That vision of a fun time with delicious creative cupcakes ... not so much. They loved the mini marshmallows. They loved the chocolate cupcakes. They loved the fruit loops. They loved the candies ... just not all together. The kids were into deconstruction ... eating things separately. The little girl in love with the color pink ... didn't want tosee that color in or anywhere near her food. I didn;'t listen closely enough when she said she liked chocolate. She wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles. She crudgingly put chocolate frosting on the cupcake when the sprinkles wouldn't stick to the cupcake without it. The three year old loved the frosting ... on the same cupcapke. After I spread the cupcake with frosting, she would decorate it then eat the frosting and toppings and hand the cupcake back for more frowting. "You can eat the cupcake too and I'll give you a new one"< I said. Nope. When i tried to put a few colored sugars and decorations on a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, the 7 year old reacted like I was setting out traps for Mickey Mouse. I bought every other chip except chocolate ... peanut butter, butterscotch, vanilla, mint ... ok, I knew the mint wouldn't work with kids, but they were a pretty green. "You didn't get chcolate?" asked the 7 year old looking at me like I must be insane. Well, I just didn't like the look of the bulk chocolate, chocolate chips and didn';t want to buy a bag, so nope. The three year old was a sport, trying stuff that was new to her. She tried a mint chip ... not so good, as I suspected. She tried the butterscotch chips. I should have gotten a picture of her face as she chewed and chewed and .... chewed ... and then removed them from her mouth and tried to hand them to me. She pretended to try the peanut butter which I thought was sporting of her given she didn't like the other two. At least she pretended to try. Thank heavens I bougth the cheap $1 can of Walmart frosting as a back up. The 7 year old took one look at my homemade vanilla buttercream asked what that was,said "eeeewwww" and refrused to touch it. They did enjoy smushing it up in bags with food coloring gell. The other two ate the colored frosting. The 7 year old just wanted to make every color of the rainbow ... and more. To inspire creativity, I showed them the cupcake site. The 7 year old looked at the cupcake with M&M's and said "Did you buy those?" "Um, no" "Let's go to the store" "Next time", I said and thought ... wheny you are in your 20's and have small kids. She then selected one of the most colmplicated designs whcih I explained that having no fondant ... and talent ... we couldn't do. She looked at ME in exasperation. Surprisingly, the 10 year old brother was the most into the cupcake decorating and baking. Good for him. I might take him to a restaurant and bakery sometime to talk to a chef. He m ay have some talent in that area. Everybody thought those mini cupcakes were a pain to make, but fine for eating. Anyway, a good time was had by the kids wich is the important part. I'm sort of up for trying Halloween cookies, but I'd organize things different based on this experiece. ... and buy lots of chocolate stuff. I did re-discover the world of decorating supplies, some of which I bought, some I didn't. I spent the extra $1.50 for coloring gels rather than liquid food colors and was VERY pleased. Somehow those liquids always wind up leaking because caps aren't on tightly enough. The gels are safer in that way and less messy ... though ... the concept of using only a tiny bit was different for someone who was 7 and squeezed half a tube into the frosting. They have pens you can use to write on frosting. That didn't work at all. The 10 year old shared my fascination and thought the idea was weird. It didn't work. You have to wait till the frosting hardens ... and even then, the writing is way too light. There is edible paper where you can cut out designs. I didn't go fvor that, but may consider it next time. Anyway ... that cupcake site is the fantasy. The photo below is the reality. Thanks to everyone for the hellp ... espcially the ziplock bag idea which also worked for piping cake mix into that teeny, tiny cupcake pan.

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