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Edit bug - text runs together

rworange | Jan 14, 201205:17 PM

I can't find the post where I reported this a few months back. At that time it happened occasionally ... maybe once every 100 posts.

Since the new installation it has been happening 1 in 10 posts and often more.

Here's one post where it is happening

When I pull it up in edit this is what I see

If there's a sign on the wall saying 'we serve free range children' parents might make sure the kids stay at the table. This restaurant just opened in the old Thep Naree. I was going to give it a try, but Thai isn't a favorite cuisine of mine, they are closed Sunday, and nothing on the menu is jumping out at me other than the kids menu with kid fried rice on it. http://www.agaligoca.com/Dinner.htm The crab rangoon seemed interesting until I read the description "Crispy imitation crabmeat blended with cream cheese and celery wrapped in wanton skins, served with sweet & sour sauce.:" While wanton skins might be something, imitation crab ... not so much. There are a few respectible enough yelp reviews. There seem to be daily specials. A few out of the ordinary options - Apple salad - Sliced green apple with fresh shrimp, chicken slice, crisp red onions, red bell pepper, chili paste, in our special Thai salad dressing. - Apple Pla - Grilled salmon with sliced green apple, red onions, Thai chili and lemongrass in lime dressing - Jungle curry - Avocado, bamboo shoot, red & green bell peppers, snow peas, green bean, broccoli and basil leaves in red curry sauce. - Iced lemongrass juice There are rules about the ice in drinks - (Thai Ice Tea and Iced Lemongrass Juice with no ice charged more $1.00, less ice $0.75) 'Agaligo' means 'Timeless', Anyway, I'm no Thai expert so I thought i'd ask.

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