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Edible weeds


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Edible weeds

takadi | Jul 23, 2008 11:59 AM

It's been raining like crazy around DC lately and I've been noticing quite a diverse range of WEEDS growing all over my lawn and garden, driving me crazy. With that said, I have recently found out that purslane is quite edible and actually pretty delicious. I just went out and pick off a stem from one and popped it in my mouth. Peppery and slightly sweet, with a slight okra-goo finish. Yum

I'm wishing to take advantage of what could have been a bad back-breaking experience uprooting every one of these weeds and expand my culinary repertoire. Does anyone know of any other edible weeds and what recipes can be applied with them? I also would recommend providing pictures along with identification so an uninformed individual (mostly myself) won't get poisoned by the wrong weed

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