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Most edible canned/packaged soup?


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Most edible canned/packaged soup?

Kajikit | Feb 21, 2007 07:42 PM

My husband and I have both been laid up this week, and I've been too icky to cook from scratch... I lost most of my interest in food at all! So I've had a canned soup education... it's not something I usually eat because I can't have msg and the msg-free soups tend to be rather expensive, but in the lights of my cold and the need for food fast, the price didn't matter...
Some of them are very VERY bad (DH poured a mug of Baxters potato and leek soup straight down the drain because it tasted like that was where it belonged...) some of them are mediocre but edible (Progresso reduced sodium chicken noodle) and some are delicious (Annie's organics...) The degree of edibility doesn't seem to be particularly related to the price or the ingredients list...
Anyway, we're both still sick, so we're still in the soup market. What are your experiences?

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