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Ed Mitchell @ Big Apple BBQ [moved from Manhattan board]

porker | Jun 10, 200810:30 AM

I spoke to most of the pitmasters and had generally a great time (we drove down from Canada - I think it was the only fastpass sold outside the USA; had to jump through hoops for that and thank you Gina Soldano at the Union Square Hosptality Group for that one! but I digress)

Yeah, too hot, too crowded, and not enough beer drinking space (I think the Bait Shop was the un-official rest area)...

First off, let me say that I enjoyed Ed Mitchell's sandwich immensely. I can appreciate using the whole hog to add various flavor components to the end product, as opposed to using *only* shoulder or butt, etc.
I also understand that his final product is the way it is *because* he uses whole hog.

With that said:

I'm just curious if anyone feels like I do, that its almost a shame to start with such a great, BBQed, smoked, whole hog, and chop it to an almost paste-like consistency and eat it in a sandwich?
I'm not saying its wrong, just that personally, when I cook a whole hog (being inspired after talking to him and seeing his setup, I'll be doing exactly that in 2 weeks), I think I'll first set it on a table and carve it into pieces to eat. I'll make sandwiches later.

BTW, he seems to be a soft spoken, good natured gentleman. He was very proud of a segment in the latest Bon Apetit, pulling a copy out of his pocket, showing me his picture on page 27!

Just curious on your thoughts.

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