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marcia2 | Jun 2, 2008 10:57 AM

I'm thinking of buying the Nordic Ware Ebelskiver pan. I did a quick Google for ebelskiver recipes and the few I looked at say to whip the egg whites separately and then fold into other ingredients. Now, whipping egg whites is not the world's most burdensome activity, but this does make them a bit more involved than a basic pancake batter. Amazon reviews for the pan seemed to suggest that regular old pancake batter worked out fine, but I wanted to check in with the Chowhounds. Can I just mix up some pancake batter and make yummy little ebelskivers?

Actually, I've never had an ebelskiver, they just sound good and my 6 year old has seen commercials on TV and is all hot and bothered about the little round pancakes you turn over in the pan. Are they so much better than regular pancakes that it's worth bringing this basically single use pan into my kitchen?

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