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Who here eats steak for breakfast?

ipsedixit | Dec 19, 201106:07 AM

Not leftovers from last night.

Not a steak sandwich.

And certainly not salisbury steak.

No, I want to know who here eats real steak for breakfast.

As in, fire up the grill, get out the ribeye (or strip or porterhouse or whatever) and put fire to beef kind of steak for breakfast.

I, for one, do.

Crazy? Too fussy? Too time consuming you say?


I did it this morning and it was a snap.

Get up. Fire up the grill.

Go for morning run.

Finish run and put steak on grill.

Change out of running gear and hydrate with diet coke.

Flip steak.

Get coffee brewing and fire up the computer.

Take steak off grill and let it rest.

Take shower.

Towel off and eat steak.

See? Easy and not so crazy.

Bonus? You get that nice charcoal smell all over you, so no need for cologne or perfume. 'Natch.

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