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Joanie | Mar 29, 2005 07:10 AM

Rod Dee, Coolidge Corner: Got takeout and it was all really good, esp. the bangkok duck and star noodles. Green curry w/ pork was quite tasty and the only one I didn't think was great was the beef hot basil. A good deal for about $29.

Sorella's, JP: One of my more disappointing breakfasts there. Got an omelette w/ avocado, mushroom and some cheese but it seemed like there was barely any egg to surround the ingredients and the cheese wasn't really melted. My friend had pancakes w/ big fresh strawberries on top which he enjoyed. I think I'll stick to the fancy french toast and pancakes there.

East Manor, Rt. 1 north: Had some extra days off after returning from vacation so I tried to hit lunch spots I can never get to. As I mentioned in a post below, I thought it was okay but the sheer magnitude of the buffet is pretty impressive.

Middlesex, Central Sq. Cambridge: Stopped by for a mellow lunch last Thurs. They offer a few soups, salads and about 6 pressed sandwiches. You order at the counter and they bring it out to you. A bacon/turkey/swiss w/ a bag of kettle chips was $7. It was nice but I'll live without being able to get there during normal work days. Plus I started getting sick (didn't realize it was strep throat coming), so that and my next few meals weren't as enjoyable as usual.

Union, South End: Everyone told me I made a great choice for dinner last Thurs. Six of us got things like cod cakes, prosciutto wrapped pear w/ greens, sausage and corn risotto (all $10), pork, steak, roast chicken, and 10K tuna. Creme brulee was great, choc. cake and cheesecake were fine. Started with a peach "martini" for a whopping $12, kills me to pay that when it's not the Four Seasons (but we still did). Everyone enjoyed their wine. Our big banquette was comfy, service was great but it was a little quieter than usual for a Thurs. nite.

Wish, Central Sq. Camb: Didn't realize this was reviewed in the Calendar til after we went. Had an okay meal there, not great but you don't feel too bad when all prices are below $20. Calamari had a good fry job but lacked flavor. Fried mozzarella and basil was fine. My friend's roast chicken had looked so good at Union, I ordered it at Wish ($15) and it was fine but I was already full from the apps. The pasta w/ ragu looked a little dry and he said it was on the tepid side. Not sure what the chicken milanese tasted like but didn't hear any complaints (was keeping my fork out of others' dishes at this point now that I knew how sick I was; hope the Union people didn't catch anything). We ordered the sizzling apple pie ($7) which unfortunately didn't sizzle when she poured the caramel sauce. It was gigantic with huge scoops of good vanilla ice cream, altho the crust didn't seem that great. It easily fed the 4 of us. The atmosphere is really pleasant and service was good. Started dead at 7:30 but was full when we left.

Metropolis, South End: I knew I couldn't do justice to a buffet Easter brunch so we just ordered off the regular menu at Met. where we were able to sit right down at the bar. If I were a real restaurant reviewer, I might worry more about what a mess the bathroom was but that place is so tiny, it must be hard to clean and carry stuff out with tables 2 inches away. Anyway, the brioche French toast was a little overdone but pretty great anyway ($7.95). Nice and puffy and light, got a side of chicken apple sausage which was fine but I seem to be getting lots of kind of dry sausage lately. A taste of the chive boursin scrambled eggs was pretty good too. Hadn't been here in years and my friend had never gone, so it was nice to check it out.

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