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Eating meals with the tv on


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Eating meals with the tv on

givemecarbs | Sep 15, 2008 11:22 AM

A lot of people I know love to eat meals wit the tv on. When I eat a meal alone I get tempted sometimes, but every single time I try it a gross commercial or part of a show always comes on! I end up diving for the off button. Plus I think watching tv distracts me from the taste of my good food. So it doesn't work for me. I figure what people do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. But I am wondering what people do when one person wants the tv on and the other doesn't? Seems like it would be hard to compromise and stil eat together. More and more I see restaurants with tvs on. I was eating breakfast with a friend in the non smoking section of the Dublin Diner and there was a big tv with the news blaring. I negotiated with the waitress to please turn it off but I had to explain that we would be leaving before the morning show that her and the hostess always watched came on at ten am. On the other hand there is a bar I go to for the french dip sandwiches, and the tv is on during sporting events and that doesn't bother me at all. There is an electic energy in the bar during a Phillies or Eagles game that makes the experience all the more enjoyable. In other words I think it would be the height of stupidity to go to a sports bar or even a local bar and complain about the game being on. But tvs are popping uip in a lot of my favorite eateries, with just banal shows up. I like to eat out with friends and converse and enjoy the food. Is anyone else experiencing this disturbing trend of having tv rammed down your throat with your meal? I had to leave my favorite restaurant in the whole world on friday because I begged the lady twice to please please change the radio station, they were doing a fundraiser for a good cause but sad stories of poor sick kids were bringing me to tears. She would not change the channel. My friend and I were the only customers because we went at an off time and I left fuming and frustrated. Anyone else having issues or is it just me?

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