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Eating lunch at Bertucci's... WOW!

aaronswoman | Oct 1, 2009 08:31 PM

I had lunch at Bertucci's, the so called Italian chain today. Horrible mistake on my part. I should have known considering, I have not been to Olive Garden in about three years. It was worse, I ordered Fettuccine Alfredo. It came with two rolls and a simple salad. I drank water with lemon and after tax and tip, I spent $14. for lunch.Thinking that Alfredo was a safe choice because its an Italian restaurant , well let me just say it tasted like the Weight Watchers version in the frozen section. it was a horrible, watery mess. I ate about 5% of my dish, asked for a box, paid my tab, walked out and then dumped my leftovers in the trash can. still hungry and frustrated I ended up spending another $7. on a Potbelly Italian sub and soda. FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed my sub.

Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria
1218 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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