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Eating Before a Long Hike


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Eating Before a Long Hike

zooxanthellae | Sep 4, 2011 04:17 PM

I'm going for a fairly long (~10 miles round trip, at elevation) hike in a little while and I'm wondering what to eat the night before. Accepted wisdom seems to be to mix a high amount of carbohydrates with some protein, but I'm looking for more specifics. I thought that quinoa would be a good choice because it's a complex carbohydrate with protein, but I'm wondering if it's too heavy. I've read articles that advise simple, low-fiber carbs and others that advise against the same thing. I know this isn't a marathon, so I'm reluctant to just eat a bunch of pasta.

In the morning I've figured that I'll eat something like a few slices of whole wheat bread and some peanut butter: this is usually what I eat before running and I like it.

Thanks in advance.

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