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The eating healthy for $3 a day challenge … help


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The eating healthy for $3 a day challenge … help

rworange | Jun 14, 2007 10:06 AM

I need ideas for eating healthy for three dollars a day.

The healthy part is the challenge.

No salt-laden cream soups in casseroles, fatty cheap cold cuts like bologna, hot dogs, dishes bulked up with lots of potatoes or lots of rice, cheap cookies, no Kraft mac n cheese, no Jiffy muffins, etc … can you tell I’ve eaten low on the hog before?

Two things are driving this (more in another link) …
- The SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market … it is NOT only for the wealthy
- Dumb reporters / politicians who take on food stamp challenges

The thing is I don’t often cook. I eat out a lot and what I do make at home is in its pristine state … veggies raw or microwaved, fresh fruit, roasted meat, microwaved fish.

So left up to my own I’d roast a chicken or turkey and live off of that and the soup made from it. I’d boil up the eggs or scramble one in the microwave with some tomatoes or cheese. I’d microwaved sweet potatoes.

I’m hoping for some recipe ideas to make things more interesting … ideas for healthy casseroles, soups, stews, bean dishes like chili given my limited skills.

If there any good websites for healthy recipes, like the Healthy Hillbilly Housewife, that would be a help.

Don’t need any new cookbooks. Don’t have the room. Don’t want to spend the money for a short-time thing. But sure … go ahead … someone else might find those helpful. Keep the healthy in mind. There are tons of starchy casserole books using canned soup. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d like to look at this from a healthier viewpoint.

Will report back in August with the results.

The first link in this post will have the ingredients available for this. The second link the why.

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