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Eating our way through Eastham and Wellfleet- wrapup

JenJeninCT | Sep 16, 200904:41 PM

Sadly, the annual September pilgrimage has come and gone- too quickly, as always. We stopped at most of our old faves, and visited others for the 1st time. By and large, food and service was very good (sometimes great), with only a few exceptions.

The rundown, in no particular order(with total cost of meal before tip in parentheses);
Friendly Fisherman- ($34)
Me: Lobster Roll- who makes a better cold lobster roll? Huge portion of large chunks of lobster, kissed with a touch of mayo, served with good fries.
Him: Fish & Chips- 3 good-sized pieces of cod, perfectly cooked.

Moby Dicks($40)
Fried Oysters(and soft drinks) for both of us- they are why we have gone to Moby's for over 10 years now(except for a yummy scallop roll I had there in May), and why we'll keep going back. Everyone I've brought there has enjoyed their non- oyster meals as well, so I imagine everything else is as good as the oysters. I did have a couple of whole bellies that snuck in with my oysters, and they were also delicious, fries and slaw were good, but I barely ate any of them- priority: oysters!

1st trip- ($44)
We shared a Fisherman's Platter and onion rings, 2 soft drinks. All I can say is: WOW! Others should take note from their fisherman- it had everything I could have wanted- shrimp(shockingly large for a platter and 10 of them!), scallops, oysters, whole bellies(the star of the plate for me), calamari and cod, along with the requisite fries and cole slaw(the weak points at Arnold's IMHO). All of the seafood was perfectly fried, and the portion was ridiculously gargantuan- way more than enough for both of us. Onion rings were delicious- thin and crispy, as always.
He had a cup of clam chowder- very good.

2nd trip -($55)
Shared a dozen raw oysters- briny and delicious
Shared O rings- as above
Me: Hot lobster roll- maybe 1/2 the amount of meat as the FF roll- all knuckle meat, served on a grilled and buttered roll with unnecessary(and unappetizing, as they were limp and wilted from the heat) romaine lettuce leaves . Lobster meat was dry with no butter. I got butter and ate it with a fork instead of as a roll for the most part.
Him- Fried calamari- good, but unremarkable. He liked it more than our old fave for calamari, Surf Club in P-Town
He had a beer, I had soda.

Surf Club -($29)our only meal outside Eastham or Wellfleet
Like Moby's for oysters, we go to Surf Club for calamari. We shared an entree portion. It was good, but nowhere as good as it has been on every previous visit. A little overcooked this time, Fries were ok, calamari was saved by the sweet chili dipping sauce. He had a beer, I had tea.

We shared the oysters Rockefeller appetizer- 5 oysters - pretty much what you expect from o-rock, only with less spinach, more cream/cheese/sauce. Yummy nonetheless.
Me: Baked Scallops- pretty much what you'd expect from baked scallops- butter, wine, breadcrumbs- a generous portion, slightly overcooked. The sides were HORRIBLE- a microwaved "baked" potato (you can't fool me with your foil wrapping, Bookstore), and the vegetable medley was so overcooked and overworked that many of the vegetables were barely recognizable- just awful. Tea. FYI- it was before 7:30, so no excuse for the potato/veg IMO.
Him: Baked Fisherman's platter- the cod was outstanding, everything else good. He fared better than I with sides- at least in the rice pilaf. He was equally turned off by the veg. Beer.
This was our worst meal and service of the trip(the service wasn't terrible, but not as good as others. Our 1st, and probably last, meal at the Bookstore.

Mac's Shack- ($63)
Shared a dozen raw oysters, seaweed salad and 2 sushi rolls. Oysters were sublime and perfect. Seaweed salad was what I expect, and sushi was hit and miss. We had a spicy tuna roll which was good, but not as good as our fave sushi place at home, and a NY roll, which wasn't good (to me) at all. The king crab in it was very strong and fishy tasting, and it just didn't work for me with the other things in the roll- incl granny smith apples.
We both had one of their special Martinis.

Wicked Oyster
Breakfast Trip 1-($23)
Me: Eggs Benedict- I'm a sucker for eggs Benedict, and the W.O. version uses generous slices of good ham instead of Canadian bacon, which made me very happy. It was delicious, and just what I want and expect when I order it. Served with red potato home fries- not exactly what I expect from home fries, but delicious. Tea.
Him: "Homemade" Corned Beef hash(the real reason we came, as I heard raves about it here on CH). He is a real CBH aficionado, and declared it "the best I've ever had". I don't even like CBH, and I thought it was delicious, too. Over easy eggs(which arrived as ordered), toast and home fries completed his dish. Coffee.

While we were there eating breakfast the 1st time, 2 lovely ladies seated nearby were served waffles. We could smell the waffles from our table, and could hear the ladies exclaiming over them, and struck up a conversation- both ladies in their 80's said they were the best they'd ever had, leading us to:

Breakfast trip #2($25)
We both had waffles, and "upgraded" to the maple syrup. I don't know if I'll ever be able to order another waffle from anyplace else- crisp and brown outside, tender, light and fluffy inside. Just outstanding, and its extremely rare for me to order anything sweet for breakfast. I had a side of good quality, well cooked bacon and coffee. He had a side of good sausage patties and coffee.

Dinner trip ($83)
We shared the oysters rockefeller tart appetizer. While it was delicious, it was tiny- practically an amuse bouche for 2, and there was really very little flavor or evidence of oysters.
The waitress (unnecessarily) gifted us with cups of very tasty clam chowder b/c she dropped my SO's drink- and not even on him!
Me: Seared scallops-4 very large scallops served with (small) pieces of lobster, artichoke hearts, peas and micro greens on a bed of very good fettuccine (house made?if not, its fresh)in a lobster cream sauce. Delicious- I was tempted to lick the plate!
Him: Panko crusted, pan- fried sole, served with a butter, lemon and caper sauce, jasmine rice and fresh, simply prepared and not overcooked broccolini. Also delicious- especially the fish.
We both had "special" martinis.

Sam's Deli- ($19)
No trip to Eastham is complete without a trip to Sam's for a picnic.
Me: My fave- "The French connection"- smoked turkey, swiss, artichoke hearts, pesto mayo served hot on a delicious, crusty baguette.
Him: Buffalo chicken sandwich on a roll- he liked it
We shared very good red potato salad.
Peanut butter cookies for dessert, and got a gargantuan brownie for dessert for after dinner

Blue Willow- ($11)
We shared: "french breakfast buddies"- a delicious, 2- bite mutation of a muffin and donut hole- just yummy!; a croissant and a blueberry scone- both very good

Hot Chocolate Sparrow (Orleans)- $8
We just got coffee- but I will go back for the fantastic- looking desserts and candies.
Me: Frozen Mocha Sparrow- 1/2 frozen hot chocolate/ 1/2 frozen espresso- tasty
Him: Hot caramel turtle coffee- wow, that's one outstanding and delicious cup of coffee!

Hit Ben & Jerry's twice for dessert- mostly b/c it was open and close to our house. I wish the chocolate cafe across the street was open more hours- we tried unsuccessfully to go there several times.

We also picked up some of the salmon "pate" from the Eastham Mac's for snacking- delicious, as always.

So that's the wrap- up for this trip- hope its helpful to any new visitors to the outer Cape.

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