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Eating low carb at chain restos

sueatmo | Apr 14, 2011 08:04 PM

I was reading another thread about chains, and thought for some of us who eat low carb, it might be nice to hear where and what we eat when forced to visit a chain restaurant. I don't have a lot to choose from in my area, at least I don't have a lot I like to visit. But here are a few I visit locally on when I'm on the road:

Hardee's I truly enjoy the low carb burger. I order it without mayo or ketchup, for a totally sour taste I seem to enjoy. I like this way too much.

Qdoba I get a burrito without beans or rice. Sometimes the server takes pity on me and adds a few more veggies or a little more cheese or meat. Or I get a burrito with queso. At any rate, I eat the filling within the burrito, but not the burrito itself.

Panera We always stop here on the road if there is one around, and we eat here frequently in town. I eat a salad usually with 1/2 of a whole grain baguette, and a refillable cup of coffee. Panera is a temptation to me, because I like their bread. Sometimes I splurge for the tomato soup.

Ruby Tuesdays I like to stop here, but I can't remember what I order. The buffet is of limited use to someone who does low carb.

Chilli's I think I get grilled shrimp here. We only stop here when we are on the road. I believe I've had chilli here, because it has no beans. It was pretty good, as I remember.

McDonald's When we are on the road, we stop for coffee midmorning. On one occasion I've had the chicken nuggets with regular mustard for dipping. There isn't a lot of breading on those things, and the chicken does give you a little protein. If they are still serving breakfast, I get a breakfast sandwich and eat it without the bread.

Sweet Tomatoes I can eat pretty well here. I love the turkey chili, which I might eat, leaving the beans. Or I might eat the whole thing. The Sunday brunch is sub par.

If you are low carbing, how do you manage eating out when the choices are chains or nothing?

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