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Do you eat the skin on Brie?

Fromage-Inept | Aug 10, 200201:01 AM

Or should I say... is it proper (knowing that many on here will eat anything)?

I've noticed at buffet-type events when there's a brie/cracker section, some people will carefully carve out a chunk of pure cheese while others don't give a damn and chow down on the whole package.

A few of us debated different opinions... was it safe, does the skin detract from the pure cheese flavor, or is it part of the package? It remained undecided. To each his own. But then again if you start chomping down on the skin of one of those red wax encrusted cheeses, people are going to think you're odd.

Would love some feeback from cheese freaks on what fromages have edible and inedible attributes?

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