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How to eat fewer refined carbs???


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How to eat fewer refined carbs???

sasha1 | Apr 1, 2011 10:37 AM

From everything I've heard and read, I'd be doing myself a big favor eating fewer refined carbs. I'm thinking it will help control my weight and give me more energy. But I am having the hardest time doing it and I'm looking for tips and inspiration from those who have been there. Reasons this is hard for me:

1. I love love love carbs. Bread, pasta, rice, pizza. I really can't envision life with these items dramatically reduced or altogether missing.

2. Carbs have a much longer shelf life than produce or proteins. I can use them days, weeks, or months after purchase, and don't always need to be running to the store.

3. When carbs go on sale, I can really stock up w/o worrying about spoilage, which makes them relatively cheaper than other foods.

4. If I haven't been shopping and I need to throw dinner together, my vegetables might be half wilted and my proteins still frozen, but the spaghetti can be on the table in 15.

Honestly, I think 2-4 are solvable with some advance planning on my part, and I frequently do some prep work in the evening for the next day (including moving the meat/fish to the fridge). It's #1 that is really tripping me up.

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