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What do you eat raw that most people don't?


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What do you eat raw that most people don't?

Morganna | Feb 12, 2009 09:17 AM

For the last couple of years I've gotten venison from a friend who has friends who hunt. I love venison. I'd been gradually eating it more and more rare, until lately I've found that I like to defrost the meat, cut it up into bite sized bits, and marinate it in olive oil, italian herbs, and lemon juice. Then just eat it with some salt and freshly ground pepper. I just really enjoy it that way. It sorta cooks a little in the acid from the lemon juice (the way ceviche does), but not much.

Sometimes I will eat stew beef gobbets raw when I'm cutting them up for another purpose, too.

Got me wondering, am I a total freak? Or are there other people who enjoy raw meats, not just fish?

(Please assume the standard disclaimer of consuming raw meats as being potentially dangerous to your health, there's no need to post expounding on that or chastising me for my choice when I eat raw venison)

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