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stevewi | Jun 15, 201606:15 AM     9



I'm pretty familiar with the area around Astoria:

- The Albatross and Drina Daisy are solid picks.
- I don't much care for the food at Ft George -- in fact, when I go there, I usually eschew the dining room and go to the barrelhouse across the way from the dining patio. That's where the really good beer is -- lots of experiments of varying success (some with pretty high alcohol content).
- Both the food and the beer at Buoy are very good -- pretty upscale pub grub (I like the clam chowder here).
- The Ship Inn behind Josephson's Smokehouse makes much better fish & chips than the Bowpicker...and you don't have to wait in line and you can get a beer to go with them (the smoked fish at Josephson's is always a good, if spendy, take-home treat as well...it never lasts very long around our house).
- I like the Blue Scorcher (next door to the Ft George dining room) for light breakfast and pastries. It's kind of a crunchy-granola bakery run by hippies (and you have to bus your own table) but everything is always fresh.

I agree with most of the rest of Mr Russell's picks -- especially Local Ocean in Newport and Ecola in Cannon Beach. It has the best, freshest seafood very simply prepared (usually grilled).

DeGarde Brewery in Tillamook is probably the only brewery in Oregon dedicated to lambic (naturally-fermented) beer. They don't add yeast...they depend on the local, naturally occurring varieties. In a part of the state where dairy production is a major industry, I can imagine there's lots of that around. Their beer is probably not for everyone -- and some of it doesn't work at all for me...but when it does, it's AMAZING (hint to Mr greyelf).

Mo's, although an Oregon institution, is dreck. If you want to try Mo's chowder, try it at the airport. That seems to be a proper setting for it.

-- sw

P.S. The beach in Oregon is publicly-owned...and much of it belongs to the State in the form of parks. While you can build on the beach, setbacks, right-of-ways and easements are rigorously enforced. A property owner cannot deny public access to the beach.

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