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Where [NOT] to eat in Northeast PA

ShangysFan | Feb 26, 200808:21 AM

Bo Brothers, Wyoming, Pennsylvania

Due to my love of food, especially good barbecue, I must confess that on a recent trip to a new local restaurant I was victimized. The place of the attack was "Bo Brothers" on Wyoming Avenue. ... It was a Tuesday night and we arrived around 5:00 p.m.. There was a light snow falling which created a great backdrop for enjoying some of their self-proclaimed "We Smoke it" barbecue. Now, don't get me wrong, the service was okay.. the restaurant itself was nice, definitely very clean, but the food left much, much to be desired. ... I placed an order for the "Big Beef on a Bun," which according to its menu description is sliced BRISKET piled high. Unfortunately, I DO NOT think I received brisket. It was unbelievably dry, perhaps even the wrong cut (looking eerily similar to thinly sliced eye round), and downright disgusting. If I wasn't so hungry when I sat down, after the first bite I would've sent it back and demanded something different. I take my food seriously..I only get three chances at a great meal per day and Bo Brothers ruined that one. On the other hand, there Bo Burger was decent. It was topped with pulled pork, but seemed a bit more commercially shredded than 'pulled.' So, test the waters if you so choose, but I cannot recommend Bo Brothers.

Please note: I am not a food expert. I am merely a novice at-home chef/barbecuer who samples local fare and thinks that when restaurants, as the one listed above, charge $7 for a sandwich (w/out fries) you should get what you pay for. Perhaps my expectations are too high. I've had REAL brisket down south and I've smoked it myself in my own backyard... and neither time did it appear or taste anywhere near remotely as generic as what I was served at this restaurant.

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