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What do you eat for a mid-night snack?


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What do you eat for a mid-night snack?

Passadumkeg | Jul 5, 2009 12:31 AM

My wife and I just returned from 2 weeks in Seoul. We have jet lag and are up at 3:00 am. We went through the various options for going back to sleep. Our youngest, a 19 year old did not replenish foods, so the cupboards are pretty bare. What to eat? Apple & Finlandia Swiss? Sardines, cheese & toast? We settled on open faced tuna sandwiches w/ Calmata olives, mayo, lettuce, tomato, Vidalia onion slice on sesame semolina bread, with a glass of Dynamite Vineyards Merlot. While eating my best beloved popped the question, "What do Chowhounds eat for mid-night snacks?" Which lead me to this post. What is you favorite mid-night snack?
Good night, moon.

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