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Can I eat it? Lobster edition


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Can I eat it? Lobster edition

The Chemist | May 23, 2011 06:47 AM

Hi everyone. So I entertained some friends last night with lobster (4 lobsters in total). After killing them, I poached the tails and claws separately and reserved the bodies to make stock. This morning (approx. 11 hours after preparing the lobster) I realize that I have forgotten to put the lobster bodies into the fridge and that they have been sitting out all day. It was a coolish night, maybe 15C. So I need opinions here: Use the lobsters or chuck them? For context, I am poor grad student who doesn't get to make his own lobster bisque very often.

As my name would suggest, I know a thing or two about bacteria and what-not. My brain says that it should be safe, but I just want a second (or third) opinion! =D

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