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How to eat a baked potato/jacket potato


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How to eat a baked potato/jacket potato

KaimukiMan | Jan 21, 2013 09:30 PM

1) Do you use your fingers to 'push open' the potato once it has been divided?

2) Do you put the fixings on top or mix them in?

3) Do you scoop out the flesh and fixings first and save the skin for last?

4) Do you slice a piece off and eat the flesh and skin at the same time?

5) Do you eat the skin? Even at a 'formal' dinner?

I generally watch the host or hostess and follow their lead, and I've seen and done all the above. I'd rather do 3, but 4 seems more civilized, and I would prefer to eat the skin unless it is terribly over cooked, but if my hosts treat it as 'wrapping paper' so do I.

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