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If you could never eat again...

nothingswrong | Jan 11, 201408:24 PM

Nope, this isn't a "What would your last meal be?" thread.

This is a more serious discussion; the topic is a likely prospect for my very near future due to medical issues which have progressed slowly over the last several years.

In weighing pros and cons of my bleak medical options, I am faced with the reality that my stomach and intestines simply no longer work. It has been suggested to me by numerous physicians that I simply "give up food."

What is said so nonchalantly by these educated men has driven me into countless temper tantrum-like tizzies in recent weeks.

I have been doing lots of soul searching while cooped up in hospital beds, my own bed, the shower, bathtub, stuck in traffic, etc.

The possibility that I may have to give up food of all kinds FOREVER has me feeling hopeless and sorrowful beyond words. I am unsure if other food-loving folk would feel the same way.

To sum up my many rambling thoughts on this topic, I feel life probably isn't worth living if I can never eat again. I daydream constantly about meatballs on top of spaghetti, of roasted chickens and crisp mixed green salads, of rich chocolate cakes and sweet juicy strawberries. I haven't been able to eat any of these things for several years now so I do know what I am missing.

Your thoughts?

**I know this is a bleak topic, and please be aware I am not suicidal, but rather am considering turning down further medical treatment and interventions. I am currently fed through an IV for the majority of the day and night, but my body is reacting to it, so it is no longer a possibility. Please refrain from medical discussion here, as I've had "second opinions" to the umpteenth degree and am simply out of options. I am just curious about one simple question: How would you deal if you were told you could never eat again???**

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